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What happens to your pets after you have passed on? That is an important question – and one that people often worry and wonder about. Fortunately, the Nevada legislature has specifically enabled pet owners to provide for their pets after their passing. Specifically, NRS 163.0075 enables the creation of a Pet Trust, in order for pet owners to create the Trust and spell out how you desire the pets to be taken care of and who will be designated to be their caretaker. Since this is statutory law in Nevada, there will be no question of the validity of a properly established Pet Trust. When creating a Pet Trust, there are some issues that you should carefully consider. First of all, you should carefully consider who the Trustee/Caretaker of the Pets will be. Of course, it is best if you designate someone that will love and take care of your Pets the way that you would want them to be taken care of. You may also want to designate one or more alternative Trustees/Caretakers, in the event that the person that you have designated dies or becomes unable or unwilling to take care of the Pets. You should also carefully consider how much money that you should “fund” the Pet Trust with, to ensure that your Pet Trust will have sufficient funds to provide for the Pets’ food, shelter and veterinarian care needs.You should consider what happens to the funds remaining in the Pet Trust, if you Pet(s) pass away before the Trust funds are depleted. You may want to have the remainder distributed to family members, friends or to a charity (perhaps, your favorite animal charity).
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