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Nevada Pet Trust

What happens to your pets after you have passed on? That is an important question – and one that people often worry and wonder about. Fortunately, the Nevada legislature has specifically enabled pet owners...


"Rob is a great no-nonsense lawyer who totally watches out for your best interests. I've been working with him since around 2008 and I will definitely continue."  Ned Smith

What is a Nevada Real Estate Trust?

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE IF YOU ARE A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR? What is a Nevada Real Estate Trust? A Nevada Real Estate Trust is a Trust that is designed by R.D. Johnson Law Offices for the...

Nevada Appellate Case Gives Major Boost to NV Asset Protection Planning

A RECENT NEVADA APPELLATE CASE SPECIFICALLY UPHOLDS THE VALIDITY OF THE NEVADA ASSET PROTECTION TRUST Klabacka v. Nelson, 133 Nev., Advance Opinion 24 (Nev. May 25, 2017) Since 1999, Nevada Statutory law (Chapter 166 of the...

Do I need a will?

“Do I really need to do a Will?” or Do I really need to do a Trust?” are questions that I hear often as a Nevada Estate Planning Attorney.  Often, people are wondering if...